CLARA WALDBURG SMART COUTURE is a Berlin based ready-to-wear brand focusing on all-day and special occasion dresses. The styles expresses purity, simplicity and understated elegance. All dresses are made of Modal, a sustainable, natural material that creates a conscious bond with nature.
Clara Schönburg focused on dress manufacturing and material sourcing during her days as a made-to-measure designer for evening gowns and bridal wear. Whilst sourcing the best materials for her high-end dresses she discovered the striking comfort of cellulose-based textiles, which combine the advantages of a high-class material like silk, shine and softness, with comfort, easy care and sustainability. Modal dresses are a unique combination of both style and comfort.
Clara is realising what is missing in women‘s wear: elegant, simple dresses made of a natural material. She built a brand based on the principles of elegance, comfort and sustainability.

Clara Waldburg
Große Hamburger Straße 31
10119 Berlin